Bearcreek, Montana and the Big H-Bomb

A year ago when I was planning to move here I was introduced to my Grandfather’s brother Skip. Skip and his wife Pat had lived in Bearcreek, Montana for years and had been researching and writing a book about our family history for 15 years. I was given the book, From Belgium to Bearcreek, for Christmas and I vowed to make it to this modern-day ghost-town in south central Montana as soon as I could. That day finally came a couple of weekends ago!

Matt and I rolled into town and stopped at the town’s former heart and soul, the Smith Coal Mine. This mine was the location of the largest coal mine disaster in the history of the US in 1943. This disaster took many lives and basically closed the town for business.

We then drove to the town graveyard where my family has a couple of plots. The angel is the gravestone of my distant relative Sidonie. The history there was incredible!!

Family plot overlooking the town of Bearcreek

Changing gears completely, we wandered over to the Bearcreek Saloon and Steakhouse, home of the world-famous Bearcreek Downs. Rather than prissy horses, this race is run with piglets. I’m not sure if they are baby pigs or just a small breed, but oh boy are they cute! The best part of the races is that half of the purse from each race goes into a scholarship fund for students from Bearcreek. In the last 19 years they have raised $87K!

The track and stands

Where pigs DO fly

And they're off!! Run Porkahontus!!

There are 60 pigs that they rotate every night, here are my top 10 piggy racers:

10. Nota Hot Dog
9. Rumple Pigskin
8. Donald Rump
7. Raquel Belch
6. Ed McHam
5. Bruce Pigsteen
4. Sausagawea
3. Porkahontus
The last two will especially tickle my DC friends…
2. Hillary Clintham
1. Nancy Pig Losie

The night was fun even if I bet on all loser pigs and didn’t win one single race. Post-races we had a couple of wonderful steaks (no, they do NOT serve pork).

Speaking of a little porker, we had the chance to see the H-Bomb again! He is getting SO big and is cutter then ever. Check him out:

Henry gets a ride

Longest week ever, beer me!

Mmmmm, new Montana fleece


We just got back from a Maine vacation two days ago, and once I get my act together I will post some fun beach, fishing, mom, ocean and alpaca pictures…Alpacas, huh??? You’ll see.

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  1. Megan

    “Speaking of a little porker” — Ahem?!? Well, what can I say, I guess he is. Thanks for sharing the photos and I look forward to hearing about your Maine hijinks!

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