Something Old, Something New and Blue

I tricked you into thinking that this was a wedding post – suckers! Let me just tell you that since wedding dress shopping I have not thought about the W word once. Let’s start with something new – Matt finished the bookshelf – yippee! It’s made out of beetle kill wood just like our cabinets.

Our books are in love with their new home

The knot that sees all

I dare you to make fun of my Harry Potter or Matt’s Twilight Saga collections (he may kill me for that).

On to something old. I walked into the Montana Antique Mall a few blocks from our house and fell in love with a big beautiful piece of furniture 53 years my senior. This shelf was built in 1927 and was put to work at the Helena Montana Post Office as a mail sorting desk. It is so special that I let Matt put his library of all things Montana on the top right shelf.

The old sorting desk of yore

Says, Post Office 78

Garden Watch 2010:

We have neglected the garden a bit with all of our travels and adventures this summer, but despite that it’s still pumpin’ out veggies.

Future pickles of America

The cherry tomatoes are finally turning red

(Purple) beans beans the musical fruit

The worlds smallest watermelon, can you see it?

Our biggest failure of the season has been our corn. It is so sad that I may sneak out one night and stomp all over it and then blame it on Blue. Instead I will accept the failure and show you the embarrassing pictures:

Knee high by...never

Diet corn

Cute Blue Pic of the Week:

While Blue and I have been frolicking in the garden and blogging, Matt has been getting down to work cooking with our veggies – look at those beets!


Stay tuned for posts about finding my Montana roots, pig races, the H-Bomb and Maine.


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2 responses to “Something Old, Something New and Blue

  1. Gautam

    Remember when we were in your back yard? So much fun! Love your place and your town and can’t wait to see you (sans Matt) in a few weeks.

  2. Jen

    I miss your garden and wish I could help Matt cook up a feast, especially with some of that “diet corn”! 🙂

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