Blue’s Lagoon

I am proud to say that it’s been exactly one year since we sprung Blue from doggy jail! We were her third family, and have no plans of taking her back to jail no matter what. To celebrate our year anniversary this past Saturday, we thought it would be nice to get Blue a little gift. It’s been in the 80’s and 90’s this week, and Blue is a hot little black dog, so we bought her a doggy (baby) pool!

Typical of the princess she is, she hated it and we had to force her to get in.

The back-up-through-the-legs maneuver

The creature from the blue lagoon

Here are 10 things that we have learned about Blue in the year we have had her:

1. She loves to chase things – dogs, deer, cats, children, bikers …you name it! We have implemented many tools to control Blue including….. a climbing rope leash that she can’t bite through, harness to stop her from pulling, collar with our info on it if she runs away, shock collar to stop her from chasing stuff, bell so we can hear where she goes when she runs away, and treats to keep her coming back. She has more gear than any gear-head in Missoula, but we haven’t lost her yet so I guess it works.

Geared up and ready to go

2. She is a big cuddler and a jealous attention monger. She will butt her head in front of any dog that we try to give attention to.

Snuggle dog

3. She pees with her leg up like a boy dog. Our theory is that she tries to pee as high as possible so other dogs think she is tall – I can relate.

4. She will do anything for a treat – Matt can relate.

This was gone 12 minutes later

5. She hates to be dirty. She will lick herself for hours to make sure she is spotless and sexy.

6. She has a guilty conscience. I came home last week and her ears were glued back to her head and she was slinking around. I then found a butter wrapper licked clean and stuffed in her bead. She was very ashamed of herself.

7. She hates water, swimming and boats.

Get me off of this raft!

8. Sometimes she thinks she is a cow and not a cow dog – she will eat grass and puke ALL DAY if we let her.

9. She cannot be contained in any fence, she just chooses to stay with us and we appreciate that.

10. She is not eligible for health insurance because of her pre-existing condition of being a WILD ANIMAL. We have shelled out $100’s in vet bills from reckless accidents, mini-surgeries, spider bites, shots, meds and other unmentionable procedures. Safe to say our vet is not feeling the recession.

Ouch, a spider bit my nose!

Thanks for the good times Blue!! Happy anniversary.

Cute Blue pic of the week from the top of Mt. Sentinel:

Look for Jen’s guest blog later this week documenting our 4th of July Montana adventures.


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3 responses to “Blue’s Lagoon

  1. Lissa

    I laughed out loud through the whole Blue Blog.
    I agree with all 10 reasons because I have seen her in action for many of them. There should be 11 though. 11. Blue is very lucky that you are her parents!!!!! Love, Mom

  2. Riley

    Blue–You are one of my bestest friends, and I am glad you live with your people, don’t run away some more. I like treats, wanna share?
    Remember back when we had a fun weekend together at the Ranch? and playing catch, fetch and chase for a whole afternoon?
    Happy Anniversary Miss Blue, I miss you

  3. Jen

    Happy Anniversary Blue!!! I LOVED getting to know you while out on my visit and hanging out. Thanks for all the kisses and nipping my fingers when I gave you treats. You are one of my favorite dogs ever and can’t wait to see you next year!

    Love, Jen

    P.S. Good job not jumping/falling off the boat while we were floating down the Yellowstone!

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