* I took the new header photo above when I stopped in Glacier Park for the first time this week. What a magical place!

Don’t get me wrong, we love our neighborhood and quirky neighbors. We also love wood (as I’m sure you have figured out), and privacy. With all of that in mind, we (Matt) decided to build a back fence and ditch the trashy chain-link.


Eww, sick.



Blue is extremely bummed about the new fence. Now she can’t fence-fight with dogs in the alley, or cat-hunt for hours staring out the back. Hopefully she will be able to find new hobbies to keep her busy.

Garden Watch 2010

Things are a-comin’ up! We have green tomatoes, peas, squash, broccoli, baby peppers and lettuce coming out the ying-yang. Check it:

Big Broc

Squash taking off!

Right size, wrong color, hurry up!

Peas....never make it inside the house, only inside my mouth

Mini cherry tomatoes

Cute Blue pic of the Week

I liked this one because it’s as if the light from heaven is shining down on our angelic dog. Heaven must not have been watching 2 minutes before this shot was taken when she chased a herd of deer and ran away 3 times earlier in the day….Sigh.

Jen G. is on her way to Montana tomorrow for a visit – Yay! Our mis-adventures should be posted late next week. Happy 4th y’all.


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2 responses to “Fencing

  1. Addy

    have so much fun with jen! can’t wait to read the blog posts and see the pics!

  2. Casey

    Great looking fence!!! Matt did a great job!

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