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Matt is back to the grind after a couple of weekends off from manual labor around the house. When we leave town for adventures around the state, my Matt to-do list always grows. Here is my priority list, in order (Matt’s order is different and includes a canoe and urinal, but everyone knows that ladies call the shots):

1) Finish man shack

A well used man shack

Spying on Matt at work in the shop

2) Cabinets – We scored some beetle-kill pine from UM’s experimental forest and Matt finished our cabinets with it…mmm, lovely.

3) Book shelves – We seriously have books stacked on every flat surface of our house. Matt is out in the wood shop making a shelf as I write!!

4) Fence – This one recently moved up the list when Blue realized she had turbo-boosters in her legs and can easily clear any fence when she feels like it to chase cats or visit her best neighbor friend Piper. We did our best to deter her for now by putting up extra barriers, but we may have just given her a equestrian-type challenge.

The grass is always greener....

Blue's fave steeple-chase jump

5) End tables – We have 1 table right now that Matt scored in college, it’s disgusting and I refuse to take a picture of it. We bought some old wagon wheels moths go to make end tables with, they are sitting in the basement getting older at the moment.

6) Stairs to the basement that are inside the house – Going outside to do the laundry sucks. Matt, I will do the laundry more if this happens, I PROMISE!

7) Mud room bench – Oh, the luxury of sitting to take your shoes off!

8 ) Front porch – Where else am I going to put my future rocking chair?

9) Rocking chair – What is a porch without a rocking chair?

10) Extra bedroom upstairs – There is a 89% chance this is never happening, but I’m keeping it on the list, gosh darn it!

Notice how these projects keep getting bigger and bigger ($$)? Yeah, it’s fun to dream.

I thought I would start a new segment called, “Garden Watch 2010” – sounds dramatic huh? It’s really not, but that little veggie-topia out back is so fun to look at I just can’t help myself.



Here are some of the veggies-to-be:

Happy taters

Climbing peas

The little guys, beets, carrots, basil, greens

Tomatoes get yellow carded to trap hungry flea beetles

Cute Blue Pic of the week:

Let me out!

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