Jr. Money Maker

Please try to contain your laughter, but I bought a lasso a couple of
weeks ago. Matt and I were browsing at Quality Supply (an awesome
ranch supply store where you can buy everything like rhinestone jeans, baby chicks, water troughs and fencing) when I came upon the
lasso isle…a whole isle of lassoes!! It was like destiny struck me in
the face and I knew I had to buy one despite Matt’s rolling eyes. I
believe his exact words were “you’re never going to use that thing,
what a waste of $20.” I decided on a mid-weight little turquoise
beauty named the “Jr. Money Maker.” I know I’m no “Jr.” and after a few throws it became very clear that my skills are amateur, and that I will not be making any money off this thing…..

I tried to rope a chair in my backyard for hours (had blisters to
prove it) but my skills only improved after a couple of beers. I’m just thankful the chair didn’t move. Check it out:

Preparing to nail it

Nailing it

After about 20 tries I successfully roped Blue, and she did not like it one bit. Matt said it was animal cruelty, but how else am I going to learn!?

If anyone needs some roping pointers, ask me when I graduate from Jr.

Last weekend we took a trip down the Flathead River
with a few buddies. It was my first overnight river trip, and I just
have to say that it’s pretty awesome that you can bring everything and
the kitchen sink and not have to carry it on your back. If you’re
wondering, yes, I did bring my Jr. Money Maker. It rained and hailed
on and off throughout the trip, which made the sunshine that much
sweeter. What a beautiful and secluded place!

Gearing up and adding layers

Time to get in the boat, Alta!

And we're off!

Matt is allowed a 5 second rowing break for a picture

Some camp-stove home cookin'

Fire roasting sausages

Eating a fire charred sausage

Day 2 - Celebrating the sun!

Green water, blue sky

Hello Mission Mountains (Blue says hello to some deer)

Cute Blue pic of the week. The secret is out, Blue is my blog editor, which explains all the misspellings and references to herself:

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  1. Lissa

    Everyone that has read this says,.. “This sounds just like something Joe would have done.” I agree.

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