Bringing the Man Shack to Life

Our new house is cute and was just what we were looking for, but it’s now clear to me that we bought it because Matt liked the shack in the backyard. There are quite a few projects in the house that are tops on my to do list such as adding a bedroom upstairs, building stairs to the basement so you don’t have to go outside to get down there, building a new closet, installing a hot tube or a sauna, you know, important things. Matt’s top priority is turning the garage into a glorified man shack. Unfortunately for me, I have no construction skills and Matt does!

Man shack gets a new window

He started this project many moons ago, and has many more hours until it is finished. His plan is to split the shed into 2 rooms. One room will be an office/NPR listening room/dart board station/Economist Magazine hoarding depot and the other will be a wood shop – very manly. Speaking of manly, Matt thinks that he is installing a urinal in the man shack…a URINAL for Pete’s sake!! He says it will be “classy” because he plans to hide it behind saloon doors. He also informed me that has wanted a fireman’s pole in his house since he was like 2, but I’m having a hard time envisioning how functional that would be in a 1 story structure…..Am I a mean old bore or what!?

Tearing it apart

Blue helps insulate the office

I'm sheet rockin'!

Man shack disaster zone

My future kitchen table...use your imagination

Ooo, aaaa, pretty metal siding

New siding, door and widow - man shack progress!

Sorry that I don’t have a real “after” picture. That should be coming along sometime in the next 1 – 10 months.

Speaking of old…It happened, I entered a new decade of life last week. We rang in the occasion with a cross-country ski with friends, a night at a fun lodge in the woods, booze, a piñata, the game Apples to Apples, food, a dip in a hot spring and more booze.

Family portrait

Ski crew

Snack break, yes please!

I would truly be a mean old lady if I didn’t share this adorable shot with you.

Blue curl

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  1. Tsaah

    Happy Belated Birthday!! Love the man shack 🙂 Can’t wait for the after shots.

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