Married at Last!!!


It took a few years, but Matt finally bought me a ring and signed a marriage license. It cost $2.00, is not legally binding, and my finger turned green, but I loved every minute of it! It lasted about five minutes until Matt ditched his ring, it was “burning” and “pinching” probably a bad sign for the future….

I just did what?

Scene of the crime

This marriage took place at the 93rd annual Foresters’ Ball – A wild and wonderful University of Montana tradition. Forestry students build a rustic Montana timber town in a gym and throw a two night ho-down. Where else can you get married for $2.00, dance on a pole to get a bowl of chili, send someone to jail for no reason and dance all night to a country band! Check it out:

Bath time at the ball

Dance for your supper on the pole!

Bertha the Foresters' Ball mascot - Have you ever seen a chick moose with antlers? Now you have!

Can-can dancers

Can-can dancers + foresters = wild!

In keeping with the theme of burly men, chainsaws and wood, a group of us hit up the Jack Saloon, formerly (in less hip days) known as the Lumberjack. This colorful bar is 30 miles outside of Missoula in the middle of the woods – and it was a hoot!

Enter now!

Wood wood everywhere

Wood chair

Wood swing at the bar

Wood bar

Wood bum

Steer clear of this bell

Matt and Cass

Tuesday Quick Paws hike update:

Blue was thrilled to go on her third hike with the Quick Paws hiking company earlier today. Apparently she got so excited she disappeared for over an hour into the woods to play with woody nymphs and fairies, and turned up back near the car when it was time to go home. She was not expelled….yet – they must be really hurting on cash…

Click here and scroll down – Blue has never looked crazier then in these shots, and that is saying something.

This is how our girl may have looked on her solo spirit quest today. Beautiful.

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