Internet Fame!

Did you think that I was referring to this blog getting internet fame? Oh PLEASE, it’s only famous with the 10’s of you who read it – Thank you fans!! The fame I was referring to was for the star of this blog, and now of the Quick Paws Hiking Company’s website, Blue.

Blue obviously passed the behavior screening test last week at QP with flying colors….Was there any doubt? So, she was off in the bark-mobile at 7:30AM Monday morning for her first off-leash hike! I made Matt come with me to pick her up because I was sure she either ran away chasing a deer or was SO annoying they were going to ask her not to return.

In a pleasant turn of events, she was returned, and they reported that she “did well, but was all over the place.” Hmmm, I think that means that she was bad, but not bad enough for them to turn down our $15 for future hikes. They even take pictures for pathetic parents like us to look at (scroll down to the two hour hike – there are 3 pics of her there):

Blue Looking Wild in the Woods

I can only hope that all this publicity is not going to her head.

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