Knee Surgery, the Trilogy

Hello friends! Sorry for the dreadful delay in posting. I will say that in my defense, I have a better excuse then the dog ate my blog post. I had my third knee surgery a week ago today, and it was awesome! I know that I can be sarcastic at times, but seriously people, considering the last go around, this surgery was a breeze and feels great. Cheers to walking, running (someday if I feel like it), hiking, taking Blue on walks (unless it’s cold or raining), walking down the stairs to do the laundry (not sure if my knee will be ready for that one…ever), and biking to work. Thanks Dr. S you genius!

OK, enough boring knee blabber, on to hot topics like….home improvements! You may be thinking, what wall could there be left to paint!? I found two that still had the oh-so elegant “flesh tone” and “pale flesh tone” trim and painted them. Here is the mud “room,” though it’s more like a mud 2’X2’:


MUCH better

Matt has been tool hoarding out in his man shack in the backyard. Blue and I try not to step foot in that place for fear of flying wood and ear-splitting noises – sounds scary, huh? On the other hand, he just made two upper and one much-needed lower cabinet for the kitchen – so, saw away woodman! We are looking for some cool old reclaimed wood to put on the face of the cabinets, so I will not do the big reveal until that’s done. Here is a little teaser – He actually made my KitchenAid mixer it’s own special home, happy sigh.

Check out the beer holster! Most important tool in cabinet making

In other exciting news, Blue had an interview at Quick Paws dog hiking club today and was accepted! Color me tickled that the interviewer saw only the sweet side of Blue and not her backside zooming away chasing after a deer or cow. She has her first hike on Monday, so maybe they will see that side then…Fingers crossed that she behaves.

Blue and her BFF Zora lounging

Have a great weekend and I will talk to you soon…less then a month this time, promise.


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2 responses to “Knee Surgery, the Trilogy

  1. I’m so impressed with all your home improvements! Can I borrow your carpenter? Miss you!

    • tkatecenis

      Miss you too! You can have my carpenter once he is done my closet, putting in steps downstairs and adding a bedroom upstairs. Should be no time at all!

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