Merry Christmas to YOU, house….

When our furnace went dead, all I could think was that our house was being put on the “naughty” list and would be receiving a lump of coal for Christmas. Instead, I was forced to give it a top of the line furnace and 10 year warranty to boot! I vowed that this would be the only gift this year, then low and behold, I broke down and bought it a stove for Christmas too – my house is a spoiled brat! The holidays are all about making excuses for buying gifts, so here is mine: We have made a ton of home improvements, but when I look around, all I can see is the dirty mouth of the beast:

We decided to get a new one, but Matt decided to keep the dirty old stove in the basement for brewing, canning and other various messy science experiments. I thought that sounded like a super idea, until he insisted on moving it into the basement himself – most likely to spite me because I told him it couldn’t be done. All I will say is that with the amount of clanking and banging that went on for 10 minutes during the move, there is a 13% chance the dirty old beast still works. With this beauty to look at, who cares!

Nice grill

Happy Holidays from our house to friends, family and houses far and wide!

P.S. For all you lucky suckers in the East that are stuck up to your armpits in snow, I have a suggestion to help your mobility – Yak Trax!

Most functional footwear since Crocs!

I can climb a vertical ice wall with these babies on – seriously. Blue tries to pull me all over the icy Missoula sidewalks (toward cats), but it’s like I have claws on the bottom of my feet. They are around $18, come in a few “stylish” colors including neon green, black and see-through, and more than anything make you look like a bad ass. Sorry DC ladies, they have not come out with the high-heeled version yet.

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