There have been quite a few “firsts” happening in my life in the past couple months so, in list form, here they are:

1. Bought a new house – Duh, sorry for the obvious.

2. Got Carpel Tunnel from painting. OK, that may be slightly dramatic, but painting hurts! Matt may actually have CTS, so maybe I shouldn’t joke around.

3. Had a new neighbor return the dog (we didn’t even know she was missing), who jumped the fence and was chasing the mailman down the street – totally embarrassing. BAD BLUE GIRL!

4. Bought our first appliances – thrilling! This was a first that had to happen first as we forgot to include the washer and dryer in our buy/sell agreement for the house. Ooops, rookie mistake. FUN FACT: Did you know that you can barter with Lowes on their prices? Me neither, but it’s the truth. Here are the little beauties in our bomb-shelter basement:

5. Paid our first mortgage payment… sigh, only 359 payments to go.

6. Learned how to plumb a dishwasher – you like that technical jargon I picked up at Ace Hardware? You caught me, it’s a total lie. I actually watched Matt do it – but I was sitting there so it counts right? Yay to clean dishes at last!!

The project begins...

Look! It's my old dishwasher installing my new dishwasher

New counter - check. Sink - check. Garbage disposal - check. Dishwasher - check.

7. First home-induced injury = I walked through a door with a curtain rod facing up – it hit the top of the door, bounced off and hit me right on the nose. Pretty solid first injury, but will not cause permanent damage. Stay tuned for more accident reports.

8. His and hers Halloween costumes. If you can’t tell, we were Swine Flu and Bird Flu.

Get out your Purell, viruses on the loose

Thumbs up for H1N1

9. Played fetch with Blue for the fist time. Everyone kept telling us, just wait, she will play fetch when she is ready and feels like it – and that day came last week when the stars aligned and she picked up a stick. We cried with joy (and stepped in a lot of poop running around the backyard).

10. Decorated a guest room. When rent is $2K a month in DC for a 1 bedroom, you don’t exactly have the luxury of having a room hangin’ around that is used 4 times a year. DISCLAIMER: You have to crawl on your hands and knees up vertical steps to get to our guest room, but once you do……

Booooring. Who would stay here?

Now taking reservations!

11. Bought 150lbs of cow. Poor Bessie from Hamilton stepped in a ditch and had to be put down, so we willingly volunteered to help eat her over the next year – Blue Girl volunteered to eat all the bones. Boo Ya!

Got meat?

I hope you are getting your eating shoes on for tomorrow like I am. Gobble Gobble!

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  1. Lissa

    I love my “new room”. Glad I had reservations before anyone else. Loved the line about your old and new dishwasher. Nice job in the kitchen. Love, Mom

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