Welcome Home!

We did it people, we bought a house!

We closed the Thursday before last, moved our boxes on Sunday, then I reluctantly took off for a week in the windy city for work. I was pleased to find when I got home that Matt had not demolished any walls, raised the roof or tried to organize my socks. He did replace the bathroom fan that sounded like a hillacopter taking off – thanks! I know what your thinking… What did Blue Girl think about the new house!? Matt carried her across the doorstep on the day we closed (see below) and she proceeded to pee on the rug, poop in the garden and jump the fence – so obviously she loves it. She was very busy meeting the neighborhood dogs and chasing the cats when she escaped, but when we called her she jumped the fence right back into the yard – it was very impressive and reckless (as usual). Here are some pics of our first moments in OUR mini mansion.

Picture 001

Picture 004

Deal is done, shake on it

Picture 009

Champagne and a picnic

Being that the house is 105 years old, there are some things that need to be done. Now don’t get me wrong, some of the upgrades that were done in 1935 and then 1976 were probably classic back in the day, but not this day. Examples:


Sad Soviet soup kitchen


Disco hardware


Matt tore the light down so fast I couldn't get a before pic!


Even just hiding under the sink, this floor still haunts my dreams

Picture 008

Dark dirty wood counters...oh my!

This weekend we decided we had suffered long enough (2 nights and 1 day for me) and it was time to remodel the kitchen. We went with the “work with what ‘cha got” style (no architect needed). What we had to work with were disgusting blackened wood counters, florescent lighting that flickered like in the Lost hatch, dirty grayish white cabinets and gold hardware stolen from my grandmother’s kitchen. So we sanded, painted, washed and replaced some stuff and BAM! Check it:




We also HAD to repaint the bathroom. Seriously people, when does some color called Spawning Salmon ever seem like a good idea? I’m on paint sample #7 and just have not found the right color. Can I get a little help here from the color gods!?

I better get back to the important task of unpacking, hopefully I can find where my hairbrush ended up before work tomorrow. Cheers to the place I will be living for the next 30 years….. At least I will be busy.


Blue Girl curled up with a good DIY (do it yourself) home repair book


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2 responses to “Welcome Home!

  1. Steph

    Love the new house! I can’t wait to see more pictures and hear about all of it in person next week 🙂 I am extremely impressed with the weekend kitchen renovations. HUGE improvement already! Congrats!

  2. Addy

    yay, i’ve been waiting for this post! looks awesome!!

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