Annoying Neighbor

Almost everyone in Missoula has been really nice to me and Matt, so far. That said, there is one neighbor that strikes fear into Matt, makes Blue salivate and makes me laugh. He/she is unkept, bold and visits far too often. If you have not figured it out already, this neighbor is a cat. Lets call it Whitey and say it’s a girl for our purposes here.

Whitey visited us the first day we moved in to see if we were the type of suckers that would feed her and rub her when she came around. What Whitey didn’t know is that Matt is petrified of cats. He thinks they are too smart and crafty and that they all want to bite him. The first time we saw Whitey, she had blue and red paint all over her pelt. Matt was sure it was blood, but I think that she rubbed herself on a fence or two.

Here she is checking us out for the first time:

Our first glimpse

Our first glimpse

She comes over to hang out on the front porch when we are trying to relax. I am trying to lean away so I don’t catch Cat Scratch Fever or fleas:

She comes over for free dinner when we are grilling:

Peeks in our front windows:

Loiters on our back walkway:

And tries to get in our front door:

She torments Blue too. Remember my last blog? That was Whitey that came to the back gate and caused Blue to sit perfectly still for 2 hours waiting for her to come back. We are not sure if Blue is lonely and wants a friend or is hungry and wants Whitey for dinner. Lets hope we never find out and can all live as peaceful neighbors.

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