This has been a big week for us. We drove from DC with a U-Haul we had to give back and a beat up VW Jetta with a big heart. Missoula is not much of a public transportation city – I miss you Metro!! So we had to figure out the transportation issue. Let’s just say that a car and a bike were bought recently for commuting. You decided who got what:

The Jolly Lime Green Giant and the Black Beauty

The Jolly Lime Green Giant and the Black Beauty

This is really my favorite mode of transportation because I can just sit back and relax and somehow I still get home:

It's magenta, not pink

It's magenta, not pink


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2 responses to “Transportation

  1. Addy

    love it! great bikes – and the car is awesome. hope you are having fun commuting to and fro on the jolly lime green giant!

  2. Where can I get a hot pink tandem bike, and do you think Andrew will ride it with me?!

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