Into the Wild

IMG_3536After almost 3 weeks here we finally went into the wild (a.k.a. a heavily traveled gravel hiking trail in a National Park). It’s called the Rattlesnake Canyon and it was beautiful! After half an hour or so we came to a river crossing and made the hard decision to cross the high, freezing, fast moving river or turn back. OK, Let’s be honest it was not a very hard decision – here are my valiant attempts…(Looking at the pictures, maybe river was too strong of a word, lets call it a brook).


I tried for so long it got dark!

I tried for so long it got dark, so I decided to pose

We saw bikers, runners, a baby snake, a lost little dog with a rhinestone collar (a bite sized treat for most animals around here) and a family walking their 2 goats on leashes. Need I say more?

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