Rocky Mountain High

We made it to Montana! So close to Missoula, yet still 300 miles away – this state is gigantic.

We hit the road from the oil, gas and coal mining mecca of Gillette, WY yesterday and headed west (duh). We saw more deer (Matt insists I call them Pronghorn Antelope) then I have ever seen. We came over a ridge and there was a herd of 75 grazing, incredible – my picture below is not so incredible.

We hit Montana in the early afternoon and drove right onto the Crow Indian Reservation. For you non-history buffs, the Crow were the tribe that fought with Custer in the Battle of Little Big Horn. We stopped to gas up at the Custer Museum that was also a Subway and Shell station – I have come to realize that gas stations in the East are just so boring compared to out here.


I have to add, that upon crossing the border to Montana we played our 2 favorite Montana songs, our friend Liz Carlisle’s “Montana” and Merle Haggard’s “Big City.” I will post them when I have a second to figure it out (and Matt is not breathing down my neck to get on the road).

Here are some shots of the first mountains we cam across, the Crazy Woman Mountains – I swear, that is really their name! If you are a local, just call them the Crazies.

Yup, there will be snow up there for a LONG time

Yup, there will be snow up there for a LONG time

The Crazies and the Yellowstone River

The Crazies and the Yellowstone River

We rolled into Bozeman and immediately had to start loading all of Matt’s woodworking projects from over the years – this was a bit challenging considering we have zero space in the truck. I felt like I was watching a losing game of Tetris. Matt’s dog Charlie, who lives with his parents, was very helpful:


We had dinner with Matt’s parents and Grandma at their beautiful home and headed out on the town for an hour of catching up with friends and a couple of beers. It’s been a long week and we are having trouble staying awake past 9 every night.

We are off to Missoula. I can’t wait to watch Matt try to move all the big furniture by himself….I will laugh, pray that he does not break everything and take pictures to share with you all later. Over and out!


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2 responses to “Rocky Mountain High

  1. Addy

    you made it!!! so glad you are there, and glad i could follow your journey the whole way. can you come back now 🙂

  2. JNO

    Woohoo! TK, somehow I think you belong in the Crazies! Congrats on making it to MT… and thanks for allowing us to ride shotgun with you via this blog.

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