Tourist Trapped in South Dakota

Well partners, it’s official, after 1,950 miles of driving I have made it to the West.

We spent the whole day yesterday driving through South Dakota, billboard capitol of the world. Most were for “sights” like the museum of pictures of Mt. Rushmore, an 1880’s village (that was actually a front for a Shell station where we stopped to gas up), various family friendly caves, Wall Drug (those started in Iowa), the Reptile House, Bear Country USA (the drive-through version)…These have all been burned into my memory, SD really knows how to exploit the captive audience.


There were other signs that were more along the public service theme. Of course the God signs were to be expected but this?


We pulled off I-90 to drive the scenic detour through the Bad Lands and it was AMAZING!! We stopped and decided to take a quick 1.5 mile hike – it was the only one marked “strenuous” which to Matt means “no other tourists.” Here are some pics:



We stuffed Indian fry bread with buffalo chili on top for lunch, and back on the road I caught Matt driving with one eye open so we pulled over to a scenic overlook for a cat nap (sitting in the passenger’s seat for 2,000 miles can be very tiring).

I would be remiss if I did not mention the pink lady. We saw her on the road in the morning and then ended up gassing up with her at the 1880’s village and seeing her again in the Bad Land! Yes, her helmet has a hole in it for her pony-tail.

After getting back on the road we decided to do a loop through the Black Hills. They were some very nice hills, so nice in fact, that biker rednecks have taken them over (see pink lady above). Every 2 miles or so there was another RV parking camp with pools, cabins, fake deer, merry-go-rounds, casinos, tacky billboards and scores of ATV riders wizzing by us. I was told that there is the biggest biker rally in the west down the road in Sturgis every summer, so I guess that explains it. The last town we hit at the end of our loop was Deadwood, boy times have changed since the HBO show about this place!

We ended up parking the rig in Gillette, WY and venturing out to look for food. This cute little taco stand jumped out at us. It was located in the parking lot of a strip club and drive through booze shop.
Matt ordering some tacos

Just kidding!! Have a little faith in us – or at least in our taste in food. We ate at a fine family Mexican spot.

Who knew that Ted Kazcynsky liked margharitas?

Who knew that Ted Kazcynsky liked margharitas?

Well, Matt is itching to drive the 4 hours to his homeland (Bozeman) so I will sign off. Montana here I come!!


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2 responses to “Tourist Trapped in South Dakota

  1. Tsaah

    I love Wall Drug!! It might be one of my favorite places in the world!

  2. Pam says Wall Drug must be seen. Did you go in? Love this blog. I fell like I’ve been with you. Love, Mom

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