Tractors, Turbines and Truck Stops

Greetings from Mitchell, SD, the home of the world’s ONLY Corn Palace and George McGovern. Yes, the Corn Palace is a building made completely out of corn and all signs and roads in this town lead there.


We drove about 650 miles yesterday through some beautiful farm country and some insane wind. Our rig was getting pushed all over the road and Matt had a few hours of white knuckle driving (see face on first picture below). During the windy parts, we came across two gigantic wind farms! We estimated that between the two farms there were probably over 350 turbines. Matt would like me to add that each one can power 300 homes and costs around $1 million. I am thinking of getting one for our yard in Missoula.

I got a little snap happy because I think wind turbines are beautiful and I was crazy bored.

Besides the world’s only Corn Palace, we saw the world’s largest truck stop!! Are we seeing the sights or what!?

I was trying to get Matt to get a haircut and a shave but he was too cheap.

We ate at Whiskey Creek last night and it was AWESOME! I guess it’s a steakhouse chain that gets all local beef and meat in general. I had a top sirloin for $12, Fat Tire beer and they gave us free appetizers. Let me say it again, midwesterners are a nice bunch of people!

We are off to the Bad Lands and Black Hills today and hope to stop and get some sightseeing in. I have a feeling that when we get that close to Montana the mountains will call to Matt and we will drive all the way to Bozeman tonight – if not, tomorrow I will be reporting from Sheridan, WY.

11 hours to go!!

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  1. I am so happy you are blogging from the road! Your stories and pics are getting better by the day. My life seems terribly mundane in comparison. Happy driving tomorrow…almost there!

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