I Love the Midwest

IMG_3357Good morning from the sleepy city of Peoria, IL! We (Matt) managed to pull off a 500 mile day yesterday driving through some very flat states. We ended up calling it quits in the sleepy city (population 100,000 people – we saw 5) of Peoria. Can I just say, boy people are nice here!

When we checked into our Staybridge Suites hotel last night, they greeted us with a Hershey’s bar and an all you can eat cheese, taco and beer FREE happy hour. Then, the owner of the hotel gave us a ride 3 blocks to dinner (he was worried that we may lose our way and find ourselves wondering the abandoned streets and die of starvation). We ended up having a couple piles of greasy, cheesy, yummy fried stuff and a poor man’s pitcher of Bud…yes, they cut out the middle, but every third one is free:


On the walk home we discovered that our hotel was next to a field full of bunnies!! I chased those fast little buggers around for a while but could never get close enough to get a picture. I obviously need to work on my wildlife photography skills for Montana…

We are off to Sioux Falls, SD today so I am preparing for some more flat driving. I will snap some pics of farm land then hopefully sleep for hours.

I think this mailbox had one too many pierogis!


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3 responses to “I Love the Midwest

  1. Casey B

    See?!? There is a reason we midwesterners love where we are from! They may not be the most interesting places in America, but they are home to some of the loveliest people you will ever meet!

    Glad to see you guys are having a great trip– looking forward to following along the whole way!

  2. G Love

    omg I love pierogis….

  3. Sarah Buxton

    I love the midwest too! Glad you are enjoying it… 🙂

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