Rave (the 80’s clothing store) is alive and well in Montana

Yes people, the only mall in Missoula, MT still has a Rave (apparently 5/7/9 went back to the ’80’s where it belongs). Even more horrifying, the mall’s three “premier” department stores are Dillard’s, JCPenny and Sears. There is also a bigish store called Herberger’s……I think Hisberger’s is across the mall (ba-dum ching!). I am pretty sure there is also a ranch supply store in the mall where you can purchase boots, guns, feed and fence posts, I shit you not.

I am no clothing snob, I have spent a dime or two on digs at Target, but no Banana, J. Crew, Limited, Macy’s, Nordstrom or Sephora!! What the f am I going to do? My shopping trips are going to get pricey if they include a plane ticket to Seattle!

Hello online shopping 4 life, farewell Pentagon City Mall. Last minute shopping spree anyone?


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2 responses to “Rave (the 80’s clothing store) is alive and well in Montana

  1. Tsaah

    Yay…haha, I loved Rave when I was like 10! Maybe it will be like going back to my middle school roots and you can dress like a 12 year old prossi! I think that you should become an online shopper extraordinaire.

  2. Casey

    Umm… first of all, YAY for the blog. I’m already adding it to my google reader.

    Now, most importantly– NO JCREW?!?!? But they do have a rancher supply store IN THE MALL?? Sigh. I know I’m a city girl… but I’m very, very sad for you already.

    Just more reasons to come back and visit! 🙂

    Miss you already–

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