Countdown to the Montana Move: 7 Days

Hello!! – or as they say out west, howdy partners! Let’s be honest, I have a shit-ton to learn about the west. But, there will be plenty of time to comment on that subject when I get out there. Let’s deal with the here and now….

I should be packing for the big move in seven days, but I’m sitting here posting my first blog post so YOU (if anyone ends up reading this) can follow me in my trek out west to Missoula, Montana. I will be starting a job on June first so fingers crossed that I will roll into town before then. How long is the drive? Looking at the map I have estimated that it may take us two weeks (I mean, we are towing my car behind a 16′ Budget Rental van!) – people keep telling me it’s only a 4 day drive, impossible I say! Oh yeah, the “us” in the last sentence would be my mover, chauffeur, fabulous pad thai chef, bug killer and bedfellow, Matt. Maybe I should have mentioned him earlier since he is responsible for coaxing me to move to his homeland.

OK, OK, time to pack a few boxes. Or maybe watch last weeks Grey’s Anatomy, which begs the question, do they have HD DVR cable in Missoula? THAT could be a deal breaker.


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3 responses to “Countdown to the Montana Move: 7 Days

  1. Jen/Fencey

    Woot! First!!!
    So sad you’re leaving — especially since it’s all my fault (that’ll never get old). But it’s awesome that you are blogging it out. I’ll check it all the time. Miss you already!
    Love, JEN

  2. JNO

    I am adding “Big Sky Bound” to my google reader (love that thing!) so that I won’t miss a thing! For the moment, I am ignoring the fact that this move is actually happening. Goodbyes suck.

  3. Addy

    I love it! Nice work on the design and love your blog list on the side. I hope you can have g-chat at your new job, if not – I won’t be able to function. I’m going to miss you terribly, but can’t wait to visit Montana!!

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